Online Pokies in Mobile Gambling

Online-Pokies Online pokies refer to the act of playing slot machines via mobile phone, computer, or any other device that has access to internet. Since around ten years ago, when this type of entertainment, fun, and gambling became worldwide, it has become immensely popular, and some would say even more popular than the real game of pokies.

So, as we have said, you can play online pokies via your tablet, mobile phone (it goes for Android, iPhone and Blackberry smart phones) or a computer. Nowadays, due to the fact that almost everyone has at least one of those things, there are thousands on online casinos on which you can play online pokies, and even the big casinos, like the ones in Las Vegas, now offer this type of online gambling as a service.

tigerspokiesWay back in 2005, it was speculated that the revenue of online gambling would amount to more than 19 billion UD Dollars by 2009 in the United States of America alone. However, this proved to be false, due to the fact that the total revenue out of online gambling amounted to 4.7 billion US Dollars in 2009. This happened because the Government of the United States prohibited the online gambling. However, as of 2011, mobile gambling was still operational. Some entities, such as the European Union, still do not have any laws that regulate this type of gambling, but there are projects that are being worked on. However, it is not believed that could jeopardize online gambling, or playing online pokies in any way, shape or form. gf-25702152Now, let’s get back to the online pokies. You need to know that there are two types of online pokies: 3 Roll Pokies and 5 Roll pokies. The 3 Roll ones require you to get three matching symbols in order to win a prize, while the 5 Roll ones require you to get 5 matching symbols in a row, out of 8 possible symbols. Now, you must be thinking “Why would anyone in their bright mind play the 5 Roll ones, when it’s so hard to win a jackpot?” Well, in fact, most people play this one because the jackpots are much bigger. In fact, they are huge! When it comes to 3 Roll Pokies, it is easier to win a jackpot, but these jackpots are usually small and practically worthless. So, as we have seen, if you wish to play some online pokies, all you need to do is to have some sort of a device that has access to internet (like a tablet, a smart phone, or a computer), and start looking for a good online casino. The world of iphone pokies gaming is still pretty high, so there is no need to worry about it, and online pokies will still continue to be popular. Once you’ve found the best online casino for you, you just need to figure out what type of online pokies would you be playing, sit back, and let yourself feel all the joys of gambling, but doing it from the comfort of your very own home.