Is online gambling becoming mainstream sport?


For a few last years we are witnessing a major increase of players on all levels of online-gambling, especially poker and its sub-forms and with it, came to an attention of major sports channels.

Last few years, Worlds Series of Poker was amongst most watched sports events and rating are higher than those of the last years, and money prizes on this event makes every young upstart in poker setting his eyes on million dollars worth poker throne. Number of entries for WSOP is rising every year and so are the number of players who play poker regularly in quite large number of poker rooms such as are PokerStars, Fulltilt Poker and others. Players are making money on these rooms and simultaneously sharpening their skills as real athletes do.

online-gamblingSo, the question at hand is, is this becoming mainstream sport?

In fact, it already is.

Online gambling already has its Hall of Famers, heroes and bad guys. Names like Phil Ivey, Phil Helmuth, Joe Hachem are well known celebrities, with large fan-base.

Idea that you could be one of them, poker elite, and sit at your home and make millions on just a click of the button is everyone’s dream, but this dream is, as appears, just in grasp of hand.

Stories of players who started with amounts of 500 $ and ended with 2 or 3 millions after few days of playing are attracting more of players every day so you have a regular situation that a number as 400,000 plays on PokerStars alone.

And that is just a tip of an iceberg.

1126_NJ_online_gambling_630x420Online gambling is 15 billion $ industry and it shows no stopping in recent years, in fact, scores a 6 % in growth per year.

Games that are played is also increasing, ranging from all variations of poker, roulette, black jack and other card games to dogs and horse racing.

Like every sport, it has professionals and amateurs who are making life of it, or at least comes to them as side job. Not bad, ha?

Of course, a number of those who try and fail are large, again, like every mainstream sport put there.

So, number of parallels that can be drown between is large.

betting-onlineConsidering the following on different type of stream based media, online gambling is just few years from becoming mainstream sport. It will never make it to Olympics, but hey, its doing pretty fine on it’s own.

Structure of competition and organization gives everyone a chance to be the world champion, also making great money while doing it and just sitting in front of your computer at home.

This you can’t say for another sport out there which requires you to get up early and run, swim or lift weights. You can get up in 2 pm and make a 1000$ by evening.

Pretty nit deal, isn’t it?

All this combine is attracting many new players every day and with it, tournaments its going to be bigger and bigger as media coverage of this events are also increasing, and by mine opinion, by 2020 we will witness online gambling come in swinging and guns blazing, taking a vast space in sports coverage worldwide.

Until then, all in!